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720 nm, Infrared, NFT



“The Otherworld” is a tribute to one of my favorite trees that once stood proudly in Vuillerens. This image was my very first infrared photography project. However, it’s not just a simple photo to hang on your wall—it’s an interactive experience. When viewed through your phone or tablet, the image comes to life with the help of augmented reality and the Artivive app, displaying a timelapse captured at the moment.


Measuring 100 x 150 cm, this unique piece showcases a solitary tree rising toward a sky very different from what we’re used to seeing. The infrared radiation transforms the colors, and the clouds on a dark blue sky create a striking contrast. A familiar place to me, captured in a completely new way.


The print is enhanced in a one-of-a-kind wooden frame, made by a local artisan from Swiss wood, and has been specially treated with a Japanese technique known as shou sugi ban, an ancient Japanese art that preserves wood by charring it. This method not only improves the durability of the wood but also adds texture that complements the captivating beauty of the image.


“The Otherworld” is more than a photograph; it’s a window leading to an invisible world and an invitation to explore the beauty of nature.


Price upon request


Behind the scene…